The Woman Warrior

In her first appearance to Charles, Dauphin of France, Joan describes her vision of the Virgin Mary—and then proves herself by matching swords with the Dauphin and winning. I still had far to go in my skill with rapier and dagger, and I envied Jack’s adroit parrying....

A longtime college teacher of literature, Jinny Webber has in recent years turned her primary attention to historical fiction. The protagonists of her novels set in Shakespeare’s England are women who resist the female role which requires obedience, chastity—and silence. Though England is ruled by Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare creates outspoken female characters, on the stage of his day, women’s roles were played by boys and young men.
Webber’s novels depict the challenges of women who try to find their own way: in London, onstage, at the royal court, in love, and as creative individuals, set against a background of theatre, poetry, and political turmoil.